Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handmade Spotlight: Brownsco

I am so excited to bring you this next Etsy seller... Brownsco! They are a husband and wife artist team. He works with wood, chalkware, clay, and papier mache. She works with dried, fresh and artificial flowers, and hypertufa. Their creative passions led them to start Brown's Country Originals in 2008. The name comes from their last name and from living in the country.

As mentioned, Brown's Country Originals got started in November of 2008. Their first sale was in December 2008. Their advice for new shops is to "Try to think out of the box and never get discouraged."

Right now, their favorite item in the shop is called "Humpty Dumpty"... and he is beautiful!

Brownsco's favorite Etsy shop is a supplier that they get a lot of their own supplies from! Check out Caramelos for some wonderful primitive supplies!

When not on Etsy, Mike from Brownsco likes to spend time with his wife and son, fishing and camping.

You can find them on any of these sites:

And now a look at their Etsy shop!


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