Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vintage Spotlight: Smelly Shoes Vintage

Hello everyone and welcome to my first Etsy shop feature! Today's feature is on a lovely vintage shop, Smelly Shoes Vintage. I found Samantha from Smelly Shoes Vintage on twitter, one of the many etsians whom I follow. We share a common love for pumpkin, coffee, and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". I started tweeting to her about one of these things, and have since discovered her awesome shop! I have included two different pairs of shoes in two of my treasuries, and they always get lots of compliments! Samantha says this about her shop: We have all kinds of Vintage items for sale, from Vintage Cameras, Clothes, and Jewelry to Shoes, House wears and a section for men!

And her vintage cameras are wonderful! I am collector myself, but I usually just pick up the ones that are at garage sales for 50 cents because the owner doesn't realize the value of what they have! If you are a collector as well, do check out the cameras in her shop!

Smelly Shoes Vintage has been running for about a year. I asked Samantha how long it took her to get her first sale, and she said: I think Smelly Shoes Vintage was open for about a week before we made out first sale, It was a very exciting day! (We sold a pair of bright purple high heels!). I also asked her if she had any advice she would like to give for a person thinking about or just getting their vintage shop started, and this was her reply: My Advice to anyone starting an Etsy shop would be to take great photos, and list often!

I asked Samantha what her favorite item in her shop was, and she chose this Men's Silk Suit from Barney's of New York. She explains why: I Love the suit because of the story that comes with it! This beautiful suit was completely hand tailored and was worn by a (now retired) NYPD Lieutenant. The Gentleman was working at the time for the Movie Unit in New York City. This was in the 1970s, and the suit was worn on Movie sets and to parties with cast members. At one time, the Lieutenant was wearing this suit and he received a compliment from Mel Brooks about how nice it was!

Most etsy shop owners are not only sellers, but also buyers! I asked Samantha what one of her favorite shops on etsy was, and she said there are TOO many shops on etsy to have just one favorite, but lately she's been found of Tissage. She discovered this shop looking for a good Cloche hat and says that Tissage. "has lovely jewelry and some of the most amazing handmade hats I’ve seen." I've got a feeling that you could find a great outfit between these two shops!

When not etsy-ing, Samantha likes to "tease my cat, stay glued to my boyfriends hip, drink too much coffee, and go out treasure hunting for more vintage. I also love to Cook, Read, and Knit." Here's a selection of items from Smelly Shoes Vintage:

She thanks you for reading and you can find her at any of these sites:

Vintage Etsy Shop: http://SmellyShoesVintage.Etsy.Com
Handmade Etsy Shop: http://LucysPostcardQuilts.Etsy.Com


  1. Oh this looks like a wonderful shop! Such great finds and I absolutely LOVE that camera! I am a collector myself. I haven't bought any in awhile because I just moved in to a new home but now you have me wanting to buy some ahhh! I am also a photographer but have put it on hold while I am working on my new store ( but I love those old cameras! Great feature!

  2. Great feature! I love the story about the men's silk suit. That's what's so wonderful about vintage, the stories the pieces could tell and the sense of history :)

  3. Great Story and fabulous shops!! Tissage is a great shop owner and very helpful in the forums!

  4. Thank you so much, Ashli! It was so fun to do this interview with you. :) You have such an adorable blog!