Sunday, December 6, 2009

Front Page Hysteria

Since August when I introduced my shop to Etsyland, I dreamed of making it to the front page. I've improved my photos to the best my camera and photo editing software will allow at this moment, added lots of items, and stayed involve with Etsy forums, chats, and virtual labs in hopes of getting "discovered". Well yesterday it ALMOST happened!

If you have a Facebook fan page, you ABSOLUTELY have to add the "MyEtsy" tab. Why? For several reasons, it puts a complete preview of your shop on your fan page, fans can click on links to your items with you have to post them, and it automatically updates for you! But how does this relate? Well yesterday evening it did something I had never seen before. It automatically posted a link on my wall that said "The Factory has been featured on". This made my heart race! What could this mean? A gift guide? Etsy Finds Email? Or *gasp*.... the FRONT PAGE? So I clicked the link and found a minor flaw, it directs you to the item instead of the feature. So it was off to to see if I really had been featured or not.

I typed in my shop name and clicked on the "FEATURED" tab. And there it was. A shimmering glisten of hope that Etsy knows my shop exists. There, at the bottom of the Front Page list, I was an alternate. Somehow, with all of the beautiful Christmas cards on Etsy, they chose me. Now all I needed was for someone to buy something off of the Front Page so I could get my 15 minutes of fame!

Unfortunately the least expensive thing was about $25, and it wasn't something I needed. And even if my card did it make it, it was only $3 and probably would have been snatched up right away, creating about 5 minutes of fame instead of 15. And another "unfortunately" is that no one else on Etsy bought anything off either, so I was forever stuck as an alternate.

So I went on with my life. I played around a little more on Etsy, mostly in the "5 min FS" chat of which I am an addict. Around 12:45 am, I decided it was time for bed. I did a quick check of Facebook and noticed that one of my favorite shops, IslaNewYork had a similar post to mine earlier thanks to her MyEtsy tab. I knew this meant she was on the Front Page!! The item was a very cute one that I had just put in my Treasury West a few days ago (the treasury had expired at 5:30 pm that day, though). So I go back to to check it out.

And there it was.

My treasury.

On the Front Page of

Sure, they made a couple changes. They brought in my alternates, but I'm so glad they did! It was even better than I remembered. I'm pretty excited about this, if you can't tell. Just to see my shop's name near the top of Etsy's front page is more than I can handle! Three of the twelve items sold out right away. Etsy moved in items from their last Front Page and it started to make less sense. Oh well! My shop only got one new heart from the exposure, but the shops featured got LOTS! Congrats to you! I'm so excited to be able to be a part of this.

Here is a photo of the complete treasury before any items were bought:


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  1. I didn't know your treasury made it front page!! WOWZA!!! i'm not patient enough to even make a treasury haha NICE WORKKKKK!!!!!!