Saturday, January 30, 2010

Embroidery Hoop Wall Hangings

Let's face it, Etsy is obsessing over embroidery hoop wall hangings right now. They're everywhere! And not one is the same. It's interesting to see so many unique hoops.

Anyways, I decided to make my own. The ones you can buy are gonna cost you around $20 each, but I made a trio for around $5. I admit that my embroidery skills are NOTHING compared to the artisans on Etsy... but hey, I also get that feeling of accomplishment with mine.

I just bought some tan cotton fabric (which happened to be 40% off at Hobby Lobby) and stretched it in my hoops (which also cost practically nothing at Hobby Lobby). Now, I will be the first to say that my stretching needs improvement. This was my first embroidery project... I'll get there! Then I used my Cricut, Sentimentals cartridge, and cut out the three skeleton keys using the "Layers" function. The first key was 3.5", second 4.5", and the third was 5.5". These sizes will vary depending on the sizes of hoops you buy.

Then I just started stiching! When i was done, I trimmed the excess fabric around the hoop. I think next time I'm going to use some sort of glue to anchor the fabric in place. But anyways, I can't wait to hang these up in our new house!


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  1. super cute! i just picked up a whole bunch of hoops for like 5 cents a piece at our local thrift shop and i can't wait to try some. thanks for mentioning the glue...i think i'll do that straight off since you think it will help. yours are SO CUTE! i love your theme choice and they will look great hanging on the wall. a sense of accomplishment means a lot eh? i agree. :D