Friday, March 26, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Easter will soon be here!  April 4 is just barely over a week away....  So to celebrate, I'm going to be hiding Easter eggs in my shop.  Well, actually I'm having my husband play the Easter bunny.  I will make 5 paper eggs that he will be hiding in random gift boxes of jewelry for sale in my shop.

I will have NO idea which boxes they are hidden in until someone purchases that item.  When I take the box out of my inventory to gift wrap and ship it, I will discover the egg myself.  If you purchase 5 items, and all 5 happen to have eggs... you are just a very lucky duck!  Or chick?

The eggs are:

Free Shipping off Entire Next Purchase
10% off Entire Next Purchase
$5 Gift Certificate
$10 Gift Certificate
$30 Gift Certificate

The eggs are being hidden as we speak... but here's the catch!  You have until the end of April to find them!  All jewelry purchases from now until May 1st count as a chance to find an egg.  Good luck!

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