Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How I Spent Music Monday

Just because I don't do a "Music Monday" blog post or anything like that doesn't mean I don't enjoy good music.  On Mondays.  As a matter of fact, the husband and I went to a pretty swell concert yesterday in Indianapolis.

The band is called Them Crooked Vultures.  Haven't heard of it? You probably kind of have.

It is fronted by Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age....

with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin on bass (and piano... and violin... and KEYTAR)....

and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters & Nirvana on drums (okay... this was my favorite part).

Concert summary: wowza.  These three musicians are incredibly talented.  They are some of the absolute best at what they do.  I was a little surprised when the band formed, but I'm ever so glad they did.  This group of guys has "been there-done that" with touring to make money and chase fame.  With them, it's all about the music.  You don't see that every day with a show.  I highly, highly recommend this band.

The opening band was pretty good, too.  Usually I wish away the opening bands (because they seldom catch my attention).  However, Alberta Cross was something unexpected.  I enjoyed them so much, I downloaded their newest album on iTunes almost the minute we got home.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Music Monday as much as I did.  Can't wait for Not Your Grandma's Craft Fair in Collinsville on Saturday!


  1. how have i never heard of this band before? dave grohl is ridiculous!

  2. I just love dave grohl, got to see the
    Foo Fighters in concert. They were amazing!
    I am also a fan of Queens of the Stone Age
    love his voice. This band is pure talent,
    that's for sure.

  3. ooh sounds like it was such a good show! Pictures look fun too! :)

    Awesome! :)