Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day was last weekend.  I'm sure you were aware of this.  Anyways...  I had to work on Sunday so I spent Saturday with my mom.  We went to the Ethel Edith spring show, and I picked up this fun pink chair for my craft room.

I made these flower pots for my mom & mother in law.  There was a how-to on a blog somewhere.  However, I have no idea where.... I just made a mental note of the process and moved on.  Oops!  Basically, I painted the pot with an off white acrylic paint.  It was almost dry brush technique.... to give it an "aged" look.  I printed a vintage French label graphic from The Graphics Fairy blog and mod podged it onto the pot.  After it dried, I sealed the whole thing.

My mom sent me home with these yummy farm fresh organic strawberries.  They grow organic produce on their farm.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, as well.


  1. Those pots are so lovely! my weekend was very simple. Sunday i had lunch out and then I cooked dinner for my mom and my aunt. Those strawberries are making me crazy, they look so good!

  2. Ooh your pink chair is super cute!! :)

    And your pots really came out awesome, What a great idea!! :)

    Mmmmm Strawberries :) Looks Yummy!