Sunday, August 1, 2010

Making supplies an art...

I just love it when supply shops on Etsy have pretty pictures.  It's not very common.  A lot of supply shops use photos from their wholesaler or hastily taken photographs with bad or no photoshopping.

But there are a few with great photography that really stand out to me....

What supply shops have your favorite photos?  Do great supply photos influence you to purchase from that shop over another one?


  1. Supply shops can definitely seduce me with their photos! An ordinary strand of beads might not look impressive, but with the right lighting and a clean background, they might seem to glow, and I won't be able to resist them. I love the photos at MKSupplies over on Etsy, they put an artistic twist on their images that always brings me back.

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  3. I could not be more pleased and thrilled that you included my shop in your blog. Thank you so much...

  4. yes, better photos make the product so much better, stock photos look fishy to me