Thursday, December 30, 2010

not a fashionista

first of all, let me say that I am NOT a fashionista.  I do not, nor will I ever, pretend to think for one second that I am fashionable.  I like to wear clothes that I think are cute and do a somewhat decent job at hiding my chub.

today was just the first day in a long time that I woke up not feeling like absolutely death, so I wanted to get cute and take a picture with my new camera (a Canon rebel, Christmas gift from my husband, xox), and put it on my blog.  so here it is.

bib necklace-autumnart

I gave serious thought about posting outfits on my blog regularly.  I decided that no one really cares.  And they don't.  Nobody wants to see a 200 (or so) pound 21 year old throw together outfits in the dark composed of clothing she picked off clearance racks in the mall.  

But to end this on a positive note, tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  And I'm going to St. Louis, with my husband (and a couple of friends) and going to a casino.  Cheers to you all!


  1. You look adorable! And knock of the chub comments! Be proud of who you are-you are cute and VERY good at putting outfits together, whether or not you want to call yourself a fashionista!

  2. totally agreeing with Allison here! You look fantastic! I would love to have your sense of style when putting together an outfit, I always feel like a mess! Anyway, I would love to see more! I do care :P

  3. I agree too!!! I love the outfit and may or may not be a bit jealous of the "thrown together in the dark outfits." They are original and work for you. I think I know the same tights :) And who really cares about chub at least we care enough to put thought into our outfits. (If you need a reminder, check out campus. GROSS!!!) Love ya girl!!

  4. ahhh I wanted that cardigan. I really like the pattern. And I have thought the same thing before. I post outfits sometimes when I buy something new that I really like, but other than that I feel like people probably don't care. haha. Congrats on the new camera!