Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video Craft Tutorial: No Sew Hair Bow

I've been making an absurd amount of hair bows lately.....

so I decided to make a craft tutorial as I made one, to show you how it's done!  It's super easy and only takes about 5 minutes per bow.  I hope you enjoy!



  1. Hi Ashli! I love this tutorial, you're so cute!

    I gotta tell you though, that you are abusing your glue gun. No, seriously, when it's plugged in you must keep the gun upright, a lesson I had to learn the hard way. When you set it on its side, the glue can seep into the wiring rendering the gun not only useless, but a fire hazard. I almost got electricuted when I tried to plug in my old one. Just thought I'd let you know, crafter to crafter. :) xo

  2. This is great Ashli! Are you going to start selling these?