Friday, February 12, 2010

In the mail.... BirchberryFarms

If you're not making treasuries on Etsy, you need to. "But whyyyyyyyyy?" you ask? I'll give you a short list.

1. It's really fun to do.

2. It's great for networking with other Etsians.

3. The more you make treasuries, the more likely you are to get put in a treasury, which means the more likely you are to make the front page of Etsy.

4. Sometimes your treasuries make the Front Page. And sometimes there are rewards.

On February 8, this treasury of mine made the Etsy Front Page. Someone bet me a dollar it would, but you never know.

When I make treasuries, I try to have a good variety of featured products. I needed a good body product... so I searched "primitive soap". I was lucky to find BirchberryFarms, a shop that is any primitive treasury maker's best friend. And much to my great fortune, Renee at BirchberryFarms was very appreciative of her Front Page feature. She offered to send me a little thank you.

What was I expecting? Oh maybe a few samples or something... nothing big... but no! I got THREE FULL SIZED bars! As soon as I opened the package, I was greeted by the most delightful aromas. The first bar I picked up was Chocolate, and I am not the least bit shy to say that it smells absolutely orgasmic. If you don't go buy this bar RIGHT NOW you are sure to regret it for the rest of your life. The second bar was Almond Poppy, which is only a few inches away from being the piece of heaven that Chocolate is. The last bar was the wonderfully earthySleigh Ride, which my husband has already claimed.

BirchberryFarms has so much more than soap though! Check out this amazing Primitive Gift Basket.

And how fabulous is this burlap pillow?

Be sure to follow Renee at her blog and treat yourself to a little slice of primitive heaven at BirchberryFarms.


  1. Chocolate soap?!?!?! Amazing!!!!!! ok, i would also like more info about the treasuries. you can convo me on etsy. thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. I was just at this very moment at Etsy looking at the "There's Gold In Them Hills" treasury and saw that you made it!! Could I say "oh, I love that...oh, I love that..." twelve times? Yes, I could! I love the PoleStar necklace, and the napkins! I can't wait until I get treasury!

    {Chocolate soap! Yumm!}