Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stay Tuned for a Giveaway!

I'm not sure how much I've BLOGGED about my love for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Ohh you know... Alice in Wonderland).... but I'm pretty crazy in love with it. I always have been. I watched the movie as a kid, then read the book. It's just delightful. The original Disney cartoon is very loosely based on the book, however.... so I got excited when I saw the new live action movie coming out. For one, the pig is in it. For those of you thinking, "Yeah... what's the deal with the pig?"... read the book! It's a must. If you need a copy, I collect them. I've got about 6 different versions right now.

Why else am I so excited about the movie? Two of my favorite people ever are playing some of the strangest characters.

Anyways, the movie premiers March 5. Put this date in your calendars boys and girls, for that day I will also begin a giveaway right here on this very blog. And it's going to be EPIC. Not quite as epic as the movie promises to be, but epic still. I'm not going to tell you right now everything that is going to be IN this giveaway.... but I will give you a little preview.



  1. if it's possible, I think you made me even more excited! I loove the necklace

  2. LOL I may as well have posted this myself, word for word. Seriously. I AM SO EXCITED.
    I STILL have an email addy dating back 13 years now with "TheJabberwoky" in the handle.
    I am that awesome.

    IN OTHER NEWS. I have that item of yours hearted, and I love it so much it's STUPID.

    Yay for you.