Monday, March 1, 2010

Alice Giveaway Spotlight: imfromthewoods

Today's giveaway spotlight is of imfromthewoods (aka blueberryshoes). I'm not sure when I first "met" Hollie of both of these shops, but it was possibly in an Etsy chat. Since then, I have joined the team of which she is the fearless leader, the Indie Free Spirits. But back to imfromthewoods!! Her shop is filled with fantastic fantasy artwork, including this Alice print:

Not too long ago, I traded some cards with imfromthewoods for this print, and I just love it! I just loved the eco-friendly packaging it arrived in. Just everything was perfect! And you are so lucky because this is one of the items you can win in the Alice giveaway on Friday! Are you so excited about this giveaway? Because you should be!

In the meantime, be sure to check out both imfromthewoods and blueberryshoes, check out the Indie Free Spirits Team, and follow Hollie on twitter! She also has a very follow-worthy blog.

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