Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alice Giveaway Spotlight: TheLightningBolts

Today I have the pleasure of introducing another shop to you, TheLightningBolts.  I was introduced to Sophie through the team, Indie Free Spirits.  Her shop is just fantastic! She describes it as "Curioser and Curioser: Jewelry and Art" in her shop title.  I have to agree!  Everything in this shop is curious, artistic, and jewelry-tastic!

Now you are just so lucky AGAIN because you will be eligible win the above Alice in Wonderland themed necklace in Friday's giveaway!  This necklace is perfect for a Mad Tea Party, featuring a little teacup, pearl, and the Queen of Hearts red charm.  The chain is silver plated.  TheLightningBolts has all sorts of Alice themed items if you simply cannot wait until the giveaway.

Once again, I'm getting so ridiculously excited for this giveaway! I read the book today, and I'm getting so anxious.  I may have to read the book eight more times before I see the movie.  Perhaps that was a bit of exaggeration, but I'm really, really excited.  In the meantime, check out TheLightningBolts, follow Sophie on twitter, check out her blog, and see what she's up to on facebook.

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  1. oooo...I'm gonna have to remember to enter this one! This is way too cute!