Friday, July 9, 2010



When I first blogged about Treasury East.... I had no idea this was in store for us.  Okay, maybe I did.

That's right.  I'm blaming the Etsy Crash on Treasury East.  Whatchu gonna do about it?  Seriously, the possibility of billions upon billions of treasuries?  REALLY ETSY?  Where you gonna get the servers for that?

Did you really think we wouldn't notice?  Anyways.... until Etsy is back I am complaining on twitter and constantly refreshing Etsy Status.

I would hate to be Admin right now.  I imagine them running around Etsy HQ, phoning for help in their plushy telephone booth.

And I was listing new stuff for once.  GEETHANKSGUYS.

Also, I apologize for being a bad blogger lately.  xo


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  1. Lol, yeah, let's hope that plushy telephone is getting some use!