Tuesday, July 13, 2010

how did this even happen?

907 convos?  How did this even happen?

let's get deleting!

almost there....

January? What? Why?

Two clicks away.....

*sigh of relief*


  1. Ha!!! I am worse than you are. 0 = new, 1,174 total. I have never even looked at my total until now...obviously.

    (hangs head in shame...)

    I kinda want to see how large the number can get now. ;-)

  2. I feel like a loser...I only have 444! I haven't deleted any since I started on Etsy. I'm sort of scared to.

  3. i like to keep a list of buyers requests and just make sure i always have the info........ i have 6.779-eeeeps! that's my best excuse though. the thought of ever weeding through them all isn't even an option. i feel like a packrat and i'm hangin my head with Flowerleaf