Thursday, May 6, 2010

Craft Show Displays: Making the Most Out of Vintage

In my opinion, when it comes to craft shows.... you attract people by the creativity of your displays.  If you are using the same white tablecloth, black velvet necklace stands, and earring trees as everybody else you are sure to bring in some customers.  However, if you choose to make and find creative displays, you will see a lot more people walk into your booth.  Interesting displays also strike up a conversation, which is key to making sales at a craft show.

In my last post I talked about how to make a DIY necklace stand with a vintage frame.  I did the same thing here with a vintage frame with very litte alteration.  I simply stuck thumbtacks in the top of the frame and hung necklaces.  Very easy and costs very little.

I like to display business cards in a teacup.  These can be found at rummage sales, antique stores, and flea markets for less than a dollar.  You could also display them on the vintage plate stand I made in this post.

I found this vintage birdcage stand at a flea market.  I believe I paid $20 for it.  This stand is perfect for craft shows because it will take up very little booth space and absolutely no table space!  (Once you do a couple shows you will realize how precious that table space is!)

For the purpose of this blog, I just tied a few necklaces onto the top with ribbon and taped business cards onto lace trim that I tied in the center of the stand. 

The possibilities are almost endless with this display.  You could tie more rows of trim and clip on hair bows, bracelets, earring cards... you name it!  This would also be a great elevated place to hang a sign saying who you are and what you sell.

I'm also loving this display idea from BailyBelleCreations.  She tied her earring cards to a vintage birdcage. 

I'm getting so excited for my craft show at the end of this month!  If you are in the Collinsville, Illinois or St. Louis, Missouri area... you should come see me, mylovies, jillianpye, and more on May 22nd.