Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Craft Show Display Tutorial #1: Vintage Plate Stand

Hello readers and friends!  Today I'm going to give my first tutorial on this blog!  I'm rather excited about it.  I'm going to be showing you how to make an easy peasy craft show display using vintage plates and saucers. 

What you're going to need:  vintage plates and/or saucers, a short taper candlestick holder (I got this one for $1 at Dollar Tree), and E6000 or any industrial strength glue.

All that you do is line the top of the candlestick holder with a generous ring of E6000.

Turn the plate/saucer upside down, stick the candlestick holder to the plate, and let it set.

After the glue has set, turn it upright and arrange your craft show lovelies on top!



  1. Great tutorial! I did this for one show, but I used glasses instead of candle sticks. I think it makes for a really great, unique display.

  2. OF COURSE! you are so creative with the simplest things! i love seeing your ideas, and i could TOTALLY do this. thanks for sharing.

  3. what a GREAT idea!!!
    Ive needed a cake stand and have a beautiful old plate I dont know what to do with ....till now!!

  4. really great ideas! if i ever do a show ill totally refer back to this blog :-)

  5. In all sincerity, I think you have just solved a tricky problem I have been wrestling with (how to display my decoupage trays/bowls) elegantly and in a way that also makes it fun to create the display pieces. I was driving myself crazy over the unappealing general options out there. So, thank you so much!!!