Thursday, May 6, 2010

DIY Craft Show Display Tutorial #3: Vintage Frame Necklace Stand

Hello!  Today I will be showing another ridiculously simple tutorial to make your craft show displaying a lot more fun and personal!

This necklace stand was made from a vintage picture frame that I found at an antique shop for 25 cents.... as well as three other materials.

Shelf brackets from Ikea ($1 each), spraypaint (but you could use regular paint, if you like), and screws.

Simply paint the frame to your liking (or if you have a really awesome frame, leave it!), let dry, screw on brackets.... and DONE!

Now you are ready to display your necklaces (or bracelets... or anything else you choose to hang!).


  1. OMG! You are amazing. Simply amazing. I love your creativity, and simplicity to things. I will definitely be using this!

    thanks so so much

  2. Thanks for the idea! It was getting so complicated for me to find something to prop my displays.